Sekunjalo Transmissions Sales and Services core values are to be open minded, always play fair and strongly motivate a positive team spirit at all times. By that we mean:

Open Minded:

  • Search for improvements
  • Positive attitude
  • Freedom to act
  • Flexibility

Fair Play:

  • Not only focusing on financial goals
  • Take responsibility in the social and environment responsibility

Team spirit:

  • Trust
  • Enthusiastic
  • Seeking to do their best

We strive to achieve our business goals and objectives, by selecting suppliers who deliver the best sustainable value. This is accomplished by having a sound and common value base with our suppliers.

Our vision is to be perceived by our customers as the best possible choice among other competitors in order to ensure that the best choice is made by the improvement and service beyond their productivity and performance targets.

Mutual trust between Sekunjalo Transmissions and its suppliers is the fundamental success factor ensuring that we:

  • Keep our promises and adhere to agreements.
  • Communicate
  • Avoiding conflict of interest and
  • Confidentiality of information

We seek continuous improvement in:

  • Quality
  • Delivery capacity
  • Accuracy
  • Capital efficiency in the supply chain
  • Total cost

The highest standard of ethical behavior is required by all staff at Sekunjalo Transmissions Sales and Services.



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